-List of media appearances-

2017 ・Bi-monthly magazine “Web Designing” April issue 
(artwork includes magazine cover and feature page)

・TV BS Asahi program, “Fresh Faces: Atarashii Hito” (episode 132)

2018 ・Annual magazine “日本藥妝美研購4:日本藥美妝購物趣! Tokyo 藥妝生活神級指南」”, published in Taiwan
(artwork includes magazine cover and feature page)

 ・monthly magazine “Pumpkin” , January issue
(featured on the front page)

2019 ・Appearance on NHK Kanto Koshinetsu program “Ohayo Nippon”
(feature segment, “Kurashiri”)

  ・Appeared on Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. program “Akiko Yagi’s LOVE & MELODY
(feature segment, “Good Story”)

・Appeared on Tokyo FM’s One Morning program: Morning Professionals
(feature segment,”Morning Style”)

・Monthly magazine “Pumpkin” , January issue
(artwork feature page)

2020 ・Book “Minna no Amabie” (artwork)

2023 ・ARToVILLA (interview )

I will also focus on productions commissioned by companies and cultural exchanges for overseas.
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